Simply Hearing

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Many of us will experience hearing loss in our lifetime. Sometimes it will be subtle; other times there is a definite departure of sound. Simply Hearing Audiology and Hearing Aid Center can help you take action and hear better once again. It starts with an evaluation to determine the scope and severity of any potential hearing loss. A hearing care professional can then determine next steps. If permanent hearing loss is a problem, they can recommend and fit you with a hearing aid on one or both ears. Depending on your evaluation, a hearing professional will tune the hearing aid and walk you through how to place them in your ears and how to remove them as well as how to change the batteries and to clean and care for the device.

As a locally owned and independent hearing aid service, Simply Hearing can recommend most any device; they are not tied to a single manufacturer. You can be assured that the device you receive will be the right one for you. With professional service and excellent care, Simply Hearing can get you listening to life again.