Falmouth Toyota

290 MacArthur Blvd., Bourne | 508.759.1900 | FalmouthToyota.com

Falmouth Toyota is known and appreciated for its no-pressure approach to car and truck sales. They pride themselves on their “stress-free” shopping experience. Customers who purchased both new and preowned vehicles say that Falmouth Toyota’s service and sales personnel are helpful and knowledgeable. They are described as honest and caring by their many enthusiastic repeat customers.

Family-owned since 1982, Falmouth Toyota prides itself on the genuine care they provide for everyone coming in through the door, whether they leave with a new car or not. Their mission is to get you the vehicle you want, not the one they need to move.

The staff is no stranger to this way of business; it’s not uncommon to find someone who has worked there for 20 or 30 years.

Walking through the showroom is not overwhelming, and no one will run over to bombard you with facts, figures and numbers, unless you want them to.

The staff strives to make the car-buying experience move quickly and painlessly, and the well-appointed waiting area, which includes a quiet room for working as well as a larger room with a television and coffee area, makes waiting for sales and service enjoyable.