21 Spring Bars Road, Falmouth | 508.548.2600 | Kappys.com

Kappy’s is a Massachusetts chain, but customers would never know it once they step inside the Falmouth location. In fact, they’d think it was their personal collection with a knowledgeable staff ready to suggest the right selection for their needs.

Founded in 1940, Kappy’s is a fourth-generation family business dedicated to exemplary customer service, great products and low prices. Their extensive inventory can take customers from pizza night to fine dining and everything in between.

A stroll around the store provides plenty of evidence. From a fine selection of craft beers, through many aisles of wines of varying price points and origins, to single malts and an astounding selection of spirits, there’s something for everyone here. And if they don’t have it, they’ll get it.

“The folks here are super friendly and accommodating,” one reviewer wrote. “We had a special order for something they didn’t have in stock. They ordered it and had it within a day. They went out of their way to be helpful.”

The knowledgeable staff members at Kappy’s are key to the store’s popularity. They work to provide the technical information and back story on the products that they recommend, helping customers to better understand the beverage in their glass. Staff members often visit producers—winemakers, brewers and distillers around the world—to see the processes up-close and provide better advice to customers.

Kappy’s also hosts events throughout the year, each aiming to introduce customers to new products and experiences. From celebrations of beer in the fall to holiday spirits and spring wine tastings, there are plenty of opportunities to discover new favorites.