Hamilton Tree and Landscaping

742 Nathan Ellis Hwy., East Falmouth  | 508.563.7633 | HamiltonTreeAndLandscape.com

With over three decades of landscaping experience in the Upper Cape and six certified arborists on staff, it’s no wonder why Hamilton Tree and Landscaping is one of the top choices when you need yardwork done.

If you visit their website, it’s immediately apparent the knowledge Jeffrey Hamilton and his team have and why its the one-stop shop for yard maintenance and care. Hamilton lists all of the services they offer and breaks them down into four easy categories: trees, landscaping, plant health and firewood.

Not only are the services listed, but a description of them is listed and why a service, like caterpillar spraying or tree bracing, might be needed. At Hamilton, the job gets done and you get the why behind it.

“Please pass along a thank you and job well done to the crew who did all the work! My wife could not say enough about their efforts, their clean up! It was super to see people show up on time…even early…to do a thorough job,” said one customer on the company’s website about the seasonal cleanup Hamilton offers.