295 Main Street, Falmouth  | 774.763.6421 |

For the sushi lover on the Upper Cape, you’re in luck in the form of Bluefins Sushi on Main Street in Falmouth. Elegant and fresh, Bluefins provides an excellent dining experience coupled with a great selection of choice sushi. High quality, fresh seafood elevates the menu.

An expansive and innovative selection of sushi greets the diner with traditional favorites like tuna and avocado rolls and yellowfin. Others come with more ingredients like the Red Sox with tuna, cucumber avocado and crab surimi all topped with tuna sashimi avocado and spicy mayo and unagi sauce, and roll with a more local flair with the Chatham’s Sunset with spicy scallop with tempura crumbs and topped with tobiko and mango.

The Bluefins menu doesn’t stop at sushi; items such as seared octopus, oysters on the half shell and short rib rice balls open the meal. Entrees include such favorites as chicken katsu, braised short ribs, orange chicken and seared scallops.

Right across the street from the Falmouth Library, Bluefins Sushi offers great dining and, of course, great sushi.