Flying Bridge

220 Scranton Avenue, Falmouth | 508.548.2700 |

Thought to be the invention of Portuguese and/or Italian immigrants to southern New England, stuffed quahogs, also known as stuffies, are a staple of summer on the Cape. Everyone has their own recipe and everyone has their favorite.

The basics are straightforward; a mix of chopped quahog, breading, spices and some other hidden treasure: chorizo, bacon and sausage are common local choices.

The Flying Bridge stuffies are next level. They start with fresh local quahog meat. The ratio of breading and chorizo to clam is perfection. Every bite tastes of the ocean, of the region’s Portuguese heritage, of Cape Cod.

“I gave the Flying Bridge four stars for this trip based on the mussels and stuffed quahog!” a recent reviewer wrote. “The mussels were prepared Portuguese style with white wine and chorizo sausage. Very tasty! The quahog was not too bready—a little hint of spice—and one of the best we have had on the Cape this season!”

Combine these great stuffed quahogs with a fantastic staff and an unbeatable view of Falmouth Harbor, and you’ve got a recipe for a memorable time in Falmouth.