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Cape Codders know their stuffed quahog. From a simple premise—quahog, pepper, white bread, onion butter—comes the stuffed quahog. (Individual recipes vary.) This dish is popular on the Cape and with that notoriety comes a dedication that makes cooking the best stuffed quahog no easy task. At Shipwrecked, voted number one this year for their stuffed quahog, this seaside restaurant has shown that they have met the challenge.

Your stuffed quahog pairs well with a great menu styled as American style seafood and sushi. Watching the waves tumble onto the Heights beach brings the dining experience while you eat your stuffed quahog served Cape Cod style.

The steamy goodness is forked right out of the shell ready for however the diner prefers to dress (or not) their quahog. Don’t miss out on what voters found to be one amazing stuffed quahog.