Timber Axe Bar & Bowl

23 Town Hall Square, Falmouth  | 774.215.2575 | TimberAxeBarBowl.com

Lumberjacks compete to throw axes at a target, scoring points. You don’t need to travel to a far-off logging camp to enjoy this most satisfying of games. Timber Axe Bar & Bowl opened its doors in June 2022. Even before the first axes dug into the wooden targets, the community was abuzz with the news of its impending opening. Locals were not disappointed. In addition to axe throwing, you can try your hand at that uniquely New England form of bowling, candlepin. Between throwing and rolling, refreshments come in the form of well-crafted cocktails and a full menu that includes focaccia flat bread, lobster rolls and BBQ pulled pork nachos.

To ensure you have a fun and safe time, trained axe attendants are always monitoring the lanes, and before you let loose, they make sure you know the rules and will give you some pointers.

To throw axes, you need to be 18 or older, but the bowling is for everyone.

Whether it’s a night out with friends, a date night or quality family time, Timber will delight the whole party.