Heritage Museum & Gardens

67 Grove Street, Sandwich | 508.888.3300 | HeritageMuseumAndGardens.org

For old-fashioned, family-friendly fun, look no further than Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich.

Full of artistic treasures, unique exhibits, and inviting gardens, Heritage has celebrated more than 50 years of being the area’s premier cultural and horticultural destinations.

Currently scattered throughout the grounds are art installations that really demonstrate that one man’s trash is another’s treasure. The sculptures are made from trash found along the beach, discarded cardboard boxes, and more.

Visitors can currently explore how Cape Cod became the destination location it is today at the “Creating Cape Cod” exhibit in the special exhibits gallery, which is full of memorabilia from years past that some might find surprising.

Or visit the “Wampanoag Wetu,” which brings a full-scale reproduction of a Wetu made by members of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to the grounds accompanied by a Wampanoag-style vegetable garden.

Of course, the museum’s extensive collection of classic automobiles is also on display.

Children will love taking a ride on the iconic carousel and patrons of all ages will love exploring everything the museum has to offer.

More than 140,000 visitors come through the grounds each year, and between admission prices that are truly a throwback and exciting exhibits, it is no wonder why.