Raw Bar Popponesset

259 Shore Drive, Popponesset Marketplace, Mashpee
774.228.2327 | PoppyRawBar.com

Perfect. Epic. Colossal. Worth every penny. The legendary lobster roll at the Raw Bar at Popponesset Marketplace in Mashpee goes by countless descriptions, including Best of the Upper Cape year after year.

You never forget your first time here. Sitting in a gorgeous courtyard, sipping a cool drink, you spy a server coming toward you with the largest pile of lobster you’ve ever seen on a single plate. Is there a roll beneath all that seafood? Allegedly, but you don’t see it. Once you dig in, you realize that this lobster roll is something special beyond its enormous size. Nearly all meat, the lobster roll has just a hint of mayo. If you can finish it in one sitting, good for you. Most of us finish it off the following day.

People return every summer to indulge in this decadent treat, and they are effusive in their praise: “Best lobster roll. No joke; so much lobster it’s hard to finish.” “Yum is all that needs to be said!” “Best lobster roll on the Cape. I’ve tried every lobster roll I could find in Cape Cod, and this is the best, hands down. So very happy I stopped by. Perfect.”

The Raw Bar also serves several non-lobster roll dishes—fresh local oysters and clams, crab cakes, hot dogs for the kiddos and more—and regularly offers specials. Check their website or social media feeds for details.