Hamilton Tree & Landscape

742 Nathan Ellis Highway, East Falmouth  | 508.563.7633 | HamiltonTreeAndLandscape.com

With more than four decades of landscaping experience in the Upper Cape, it’s no wonder that Hamilton Tree & Landscape is one of the top choices when you need a little yard work done. The family company has made a name for itself as the paramount expert on tree and yard work. 

With just a quick look at their website, it’s easy to see that owner Jeffrey Hamilton and his team have a wealth of knowledge among them, making it an easy one-stop shop for all of your yard maintenance and care. Hamilton, a certified arborist, lists all the services they offer and breaks them down into four easy categories: trees, landscaping, plant health and firewood. 

Not only are the services listed but a description of them is also listed and why a service, like caterpillar spraying or tree bracing, might be needed. At Hamilton, the job gets done and you get the why behind it.

The Google reviews for Hamilton speak for themselves. Reviewers rave about everything from Hamilton’s professionalism and punctuality to their quick and efficient work. One reviewer,who needed a fallen tree removed from his yard, was so impressed by the state of his yard when he came home that he was convinced wizards had done the work. 

“No truck treads, tire marks in the soil or holes in the ground,” he admired. “Harry Potter? I could not have been more pleased.” 

Whether you just need a little seasonal cleanup or you want to do a full yard and lawn refresh, Hamilton will be able to meet all your needs and will likely exceed your expectations.