Longfellow Design Build

367 Main Street Falmouth | 774.255.1709 | LongfellowDB.com

Longfellow Design Build’s owner Mark Bogosian got his start in the homebuilding industry working with his father, who had bought an old farm in Auburn, Massachusetts. They developed a few homes, including their own family home.

“Through that experience working with my dad, I discovered that I loved everything about home construction,” Mr. Bogosian said. “I started doing small projects in my neighborhood, painting houses, carpentry and building decks. I realized there was an opportunity for someone who worked hard and produced quality work at a fair price.”

Now he has more than 100 employees providing architecture and design services and overseeing construction on a wide range of projects. The firm’s projects include a 5,373-square-foot building in a flood zone, a coastal home renovation on Martha’s Vineyard, kitchen renovations and historic home renovations. 

The company has design showrooms on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Osterville, Sandwich and Harwich Port. 

The Longfellow business model is to execute the design and construction in-house, which speeds up the development process. 

Longfellow’s architects and designers are familiar with a wide range of styles, materials and challenges common to building homes on Cape Cod. They provide various innovative resources such as 4-D modeling, 3-D printing and drone video to determine the best placement of window and second-floor decks to maximize views.

“Although we are happy to work with clients at any stage in the building process, we know that the most successful, cost-efficient projects happen when the homeowner, architect, designers and builders work together as a team from start to finish,” Mr. Bogosian said.