Longfellow Design Build

367 Main Street Falmouth | 774.255.1709 | LongfellowDB.com

When your home needs a little updating, look no further than Longfellow Design Build. Working closely with you, Longfellow will take you from blueprint to completion with efficient, expert craftmanship in building and close collaboration in design. Designing in-house allows Longfellow to break down communication barriers and bring new homes and renovations to fruition with greater ease.

Mark Bogosian started the company after graduating from Boston College in 2010. The company has taken off since, with four Cape Cod showrooms and many projects completed or under construction. Expert Longfellow architects are versed in 4D modeling and 3D printing that allows them to ensure even the smallest details are accounted for and, being aligned with the builders, they can make certain that the designs are carried out to the letter.  

Choosing to go with Longfellow gives you a single point of contact who takes on the responsibility of ensuring the highest level of quality and service.