Eastman’s Ace Hardware

150 Main Street, Falmouth | 508.548.0407 | AceHardware.com

Eastman’s Hardware has been a staple of the Falmouth community for over 100 years. Located in the iconic Eastman Block building on Main Street, Eastman’s Hardware has what you need to complete your project

The inventory at Eastman’s Hardware goes above and beyond what is expected for a hardware store. Gardeners can find all kinds of supplies there, from seeds to gloves to pots to dirt. Interior designers can find a wide selection of paints from top-rated brands like Benjamin Moore. Falmouth summer vacationers can find everything they need for the summer, including grills,, charcoal, barbecue spices, and various kinds of bug repellent.

But even if you’re not much of the do-it-yourself type, Eastman’s Hardware carries a wide selection of products that go beyond what you might normally see in a hardware store. The multi-room kitchen and home goods department carries kitchen gadgets you may never have heard of and never knew you needed (a garlic plate, for example, can be life-changing). From the latest reusable food container technology to staple cake pans to novelty, Cape Cod-themed serving plates, the kitchen department at Eastman’s Hardware is the perfect place to find gifts for loved ones (or for yourself! Maybe it’s finally time to try making your own pickles). 

Because of the wide selection of products, Eastman’s Hardware is the perfect one-stop shop on your way in or out of town. And don’t let the size of the store scare you—the store’s staff members are friendly and happy to help you find what you need.