Mahoney’s Garden Center

958 East Falmouth Hwy., East Falmouth  | 508.548.4842 |

Any gardener who has had the pleasure of exploring Mahoney’s Garden Center knows the familiar sound of the bubbling koi pond that greets you when you walk in. On sunny days, light streams through the greenhouse ceilings and onto the leaves of countless varieties of flowers, houseplants, fruit trees, annuals and more.

From seeds and bulbs to seedlings to tall ferns reaching high above one’s head, Mahoney’s offers a variety of plants at different life stages. Whether you’re looking for the prettiest flowers for your front lawn, you want to nurture home-grown tomatoes from seed, or you want a succulent that will stay alive with minimal watering, Mahoney’s has something for every type of gardener.

Mahoney’s also offers a wide selection of decorative pots and yard accessories, including a selection of adorably tiny bird houses designed to look like the classic Cape homes you see as you drive along the beach.

Winter at Mahoney’s brings a selection of Christmas trees for all living room sizes and budgets. But even if you already have your tree for the holiday season, a trip to Mahoney’s in the dead of Cape Cod winter can still be worth your while—the store is warm and lush year-round, serving as an oasis from the chilly outdoors.