Dr. John Child

87 Davis Straits, Falmouth  | 508.540.3937 | VisionSource-CapeCodVision.com

Dr. John Child’s clinical experience in the field of optometry extends over 30 years. Focusing on visual information processing, Dr. Child has been able to help many of his patients, especially children, with visually related learning difficulties, people with post-concussion visual difficulties and individuals whose subnormal vision has been caused by eye or neurological diseases.

A graduate of the New England College of Optometry, where he earned his doctor of optometry, Dr. Child completed a specialized residency at the Gesell Institute of human development, where he joined a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, physicians and educators to help treat children with learning difficulties.

Dr. Child spends time at schools, nursing homes and senior centers to conduct vision screenings and provide staff with various in-service training.

The parent of one patient writes on social media that “My son participated in Vision Therapy here several years ago, and it seemed to help him a great deal. My daughter now has similar tracking issues so we are bringing her for therapy as well. The staff and Dr. Child are all very professional and friendly. My daughter typically is not fond of male doctors, but she warmed up to Dr. Child immediately and happily completed all the testing.”