Falmouth Energy

21 North Main Street, Falmouth | 508.548.3200 | FalmouthEnergy.com

Falmouth Energy has deep roots in the Cape Cod community. Wilbur Dyer purchased a coal and wood company in 1919 and started Falmouth Coal Company. As the years went by the needs of their customers changed and the company changed with them, meeting  their needs along the way. Today Falmouth Energy provides fuel delivery, heating and air conditioning service and HVAC installations, among other services. Their experience and know-how make Falmouth Energy the go-to energy company on the Upper Cape. Far from the days when trainloads of coal were dropped off at their Depot Avenue location (though the building with the name Falmouth Coal Company still exists), Falmouth Energy is helping install equipment to a modern Cape Cod.

It isn’t just home heating oil that they can bring to you. Bioheat fuel delivery is an ultra-low sulfur heating oil they offer that is a blend of sustainable biofuels. They also offer diesel delivery from the job site to dockside. For those with oil heat, their automatic delivery makes keeping your fuel tank full a no-hassle proposition. Using advanced technologies that factor in the weather, they can make deliveries based on a custom schedule.