Relax & Renew Day Spa

635, Route 28A, West Falmouth  | 508.563.7633 |

Everyone has tension, and after the past year there is a good chance that you have more than ever before. Doesn’t a great massage sound like just the thing to relieve that tension that has built and built?

You’ll find a great massage as well as plenty of other therapies and amenities at Relax & Renew Day Spa of Falmouth. Relax & Renew is a full-purpose spa that can serve all of your spa needs, either over the course of one day, or over time.

Relax & Renew delivers on the promise that is stated in their name. You will leave the spa feeling much better than when you walked in the door after making the most of their massage services, which can be held for either 30, 60, or 90-minutes. All are serviced by practitioners who meet all certification and licensing requirements.

Relax & Renew encourages you to come in and meet them, inquire about techniques used, what to expect during a massage ahead of time. This will ensure an experience and session that is customized to meet your own individual needs.

Whether you need a general or more specific massage to relax tense muscles, there is something for everyone. It is their hope that you leave feeling “Relaxed & Renewed.”