Seafood Sam’s

356 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth  | 508.540.7877 |

Ushering in a Cape Cod summer is not complete without a crock full of Seafood Sam’s clam chowder.

Loaded with fresh, sweet clams, sautéed onions, tender potatoes, and just the right seasonings, folks are raving about this rich and creamy offering.

One reviewer states that their son compares all chowder to his favorite—Seafood Sam’s.

“He will solemnly shake his head and say ‘it’s good, but it’s not Seafood Sam’s,” they wrote. “He’s 27 years old now and has shown no signs of giving up his favorite clam chowder, he’s yours for life.”

Another has declared it to be the best chowder in Falmouth.

Having nearly 50 years to perfect the recipe surely could not have hurt.

Starting small in the vacant shell of a former laundromat, Seafood Sam’s has now grown to two Upper Cape locations serving more than 100 menu items—so getting fresh seafood is not that far from your reach once you cross the Cape Cod Canal!