Stone’s Barber Shop

628 Main St, Falmouth | 508.540.8523

For a haircut in the classic setting, it’s time to visit Ston’s. Located in Falmouth since 1941, Stone’s has been making people in Falmouth look just right for generations. There is even a book about a child’s first haircut with photos from this iconic barber shop.

An online reviewer of Stone’s summed up the experience exceptionally well. “This is the place to get your haircut in the Falmouth area. Now that I’m living in town I will become a regular. I used to come here as a kid with my father, and most of the same guys are still working. My three- and five-year old’s get their haircuts here and they love it. I will not be going to a chain hair-cutting place again. Stone’s is where it is at.”

Pictures blanket one wall, a testament to all the folks who have sat down in the chair to get their hair trimmed. Some are signed by thankful patrons, others tout the accomplishments of the barber shop’s long history.