Cape Cod 5

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Cape Cod 5 has a lot to be proud of. In 2021, the bank was recognized as a top place to work by the Boston Globe, it was named No. 13 on a list of the best banks to work for by American Banker and it was ranked No. 34 on the 2021 top 100 women-led businesses in Massachusetts.

Besides those three recognitions, Cape Cod 5 is also very proactive when it comes to important issues that affect all of us, such as climate change. On June 23, Cape Cod 5 announced that it was putting forth a $50,000 gift to the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative. There is always more that we can do to be better stewards of the Earth and to treat our planet a little more gently.

Cape Cod 5 also goes out of its way to give its customers the tools and educational seminars to meet their financial goals. It provides financial education, from first-time homebuyer programs and fraud seminars to small business workshops. Furthermore, the bank has an excellent record when it comes to philanthropy. In each of the last six years, Cape Cod 5 has contributed more than $1 million annually to organizations working to make a positive impact in the region.

If you are thinking that you need to sign up with a new bank, you’re in good hands with Cape Cod 5 Cents Savings Bank!