Eastman’s Sport & Tackle

783 Main St. Falmouth | 508.548.6900 | EastmansSportTackle.com

It isn’t just Eastman’s Sport & Tackle’s shelves that are well-stocked. It’s the knowledge and insight that flow through those doors that propels this local gem to the top spot. Whether the person walking in is an old salt or just picking up a fishing rod for the first time, Eastman’s is there to help.

Freshwater or saltwater, trolling, fly fishing, squid, shellfish or fin fish—whatever your specialty—they are there to help, not only to equip you with the best gear, but to send you on your way with the latest tips on where the fish are biting.

Eastman’s stocks used equipment for both inshore and offshore fishing for folks starting out who aren’t ready to invest big money in new tackle. Eastman’s will also provide well-used reels with seasonal servicing so you are ready to go when the striper bonanza begins.

Eastman’s also carries live and frozen bait, plus chum, mackerel and butterfish for offshore fishing. Conveniently located near Falmouth Harbor, it’s the go-to spot to get the most out of your next fishing trip.